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Sponsors should keep in mind that conspicuity is achieved only when all recommended lights are working. Partial equipment outages decrease the margin of safety. Any outage should be corrected as soon as possible. Failure of a steady burning side or intermediate light should be corrected as soon as possible, but notification is not required.

Any failure or malfunction that lasts more than thirty (30) minutes and affects a top light or flashing obstruction light, regardless of its position, should be reported immediately by either direct entry tool or by calling 877-487-6867, for Alaska 800-478-3576, so a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) can be issued. Start of Activity/End of Validity must be provided when reporting. FCC receives notification upon Antenna Structure Registration (ASR) NOTAM issuance.

When reporting, please have available:

  1. Name of persons or organizations reporting light failures, including any title, address and phone number
  2. The type of Structure
  3. Location of structure (including latitude/longitude, if known, prominent structures, landmarks, etc...)
  4. Height of structure above ground level (AGL)/above mean sea level (AMSL), if known
  5. **Circle Search may be used to obtain information for items 3. and 4.**
  6. Start of Activity/End of Validity
  7. For FCC Towers, the ASR Number, if known. If the ASR is not known indicate ASR UNKNOWN. (This is for structures that are regulated by the FCC)
  8. For Cranes, Stacks, etc., the Aeronautical Study Number (ASN), if known. If the ASN is not known indicate ASN UNKNOWN. (This is for structures studied by the FAA but not regulated by the FCC)
  9. For Wind Turbine Farms, if using latitude/longitude, provide the coordinates for the center point of the wind farm, or the coordinates for one of the turbines closest to the center.

As soon as normal operation is restored, or to extend the End of Validity time, report by direct entry tool or by calling 877-487-6867, for Alaska 800-478-3576. Unless extended, NOTAMs will auto-cancel at their End of Validity time (except when indicated as Permanent (PERM). The sponsor is responsible for extending the outage date or reporting an earlier return to service date, if needed.

Advisory Circular 70/7460-1M, Obstruction Marking and lighting, describes the standards for marking and lighting structures such as buildings, chimneys, antenna towers, cooling towers, storage tanks, supporting structures of overhead wires, etc...