FAA OE/AAA Offices

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Questions or Issues?
Click here to contact the appropriate representative.
To determine your appropriate point of contact please click on the state where your structure is/will be located.
Form 7460-1 and 7460-2 Mailing Addresses
Off Airport Construction:  
Please make every attempt to E-file your proposal. If unable to E-file:
  • Send forms 7460-1 and 7460-2 to the address listed to the right.
  • Please do NOT send other types of documents to this address.
Mail Processing Center
Federal Aviation Administration
Southwest Regional Office
Obstruction Evaluation Group
10101 Hillwood Parkway
Fort Worth, TX 76177
Fax: (817) 222-5920
On Airport Construction:
  • Please use the link to the right to locate the FAA Airports Region / District Offices (ADO) having jurisdiction over the airport on which the construction is located.
  • Form 7460-1, Notice of Proposed Construction or Alteration, must be filed with the FAA 45 days prior to the beginning of construction:
FAA Airports Region / District Offices (ADO)
FAA Manager for Obstruction Evaluation/Airport Airspace Analysis (OE/AAA)
Mike Helvey
Manager, Obstruction Evaluation Group
Phone: (202) 267-9354
Email: OEGroup@faa.gov
FAA Supervisors for Obstruction Evaluation/Airport Airspace Analysis (OE/AAA)
Cindy Whitten
OE Wind Turbine Team Manager
Phone: (816) 329-2528
Email: OEGroup@faa.gov
Dan Shoemaker
Western OE Team Manager
Phone: (206) 231-2989
Email: OEGroup@faa.gov
Kent Wheeler
Central OE Team Manager
Phone: (817) 222-5919
Email: OEGroup@faa.gov
Dave Maddox
Eastern OE Team Manager
Phone: (202)-267-4525
Email: OEGroup@faa.gov
National Office for OE/AAA Petitions
Scott Rosenbloom
Manager, Rules and Regulations Group
Federal Aviation Administration
800 Independence Ave, SW
Washington, DC 20591
Phone: (202) 267-8783
Fax: (202) 267-9328
Email: OEPetitions@faa.gov