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  • The Wind Turbine Build Out display provides an overview of determined and proposed wind turbine/Met Tower (w/WT Farm) projects within the continental United States. When latitude/longitude coordinates are submitted, the map will recenter and display the wind turbine build out within a 48 nautical mile radius of the specified location.

    This display is provided to assist developers during the planning phase and to identify areas where cumulative impact may become a factor in the aeronautical study process. The use of this display does not exempt any person(s) from the filing requirements described in Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations Part 77.

  • Enter a single point and click submit to generate a wind turbine build out analysis map.

Point Latitude Longitude
  Deg Min Sec Dir Deg Min Sec Dir
Horizontal Datum:

Map Legend:
  • Red: Hazard- cases that exceed obstruction standards and/or have an adverse effect upon navigable airspace or air navigation facilities.

  • Yellow: Proposed-cases that are being evaluated by the FAA.

  • Blue: Determined-cases that have a completed aeronautical study and an FAA determination.

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