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Construction Type New
Construction Location / Height
Latitude: 32° 47' 49.50" N
Longitude: 96° 48' 40.07" W
Horizontal Datum: NAD 83
Site Elevation (SE): 470 (nearest foot)
Structure Height (AGL): 400 (nearest foot)
Site Elevation Determined By: Actual As-Built Survey
Address 2:
City: Dallas
State: TX
Construction Notifications
Construction Start Date:
Estimated End Date:
Greatest Height Reached Date: 03/31/2017
Abandon Date:
Dismantled Date:
M&L Change Date:
Extension Request Date:
Antenna Requiring FCC License
ASR Number:
FCC Permit Applied Date:
FCC Permit Issued Date
Marking and Lighting
Marking and Lighting: Red lights and paint
Estimated Date ADLS will be installed:  
Estimated Date ADLS will be operational:  
Date ADLS enabled:  
Date ADLS discontinued:  
Latest Supplemental Case Note
Latest Supplemental Case Note: You must submit an extension request ASAP using the 7460-2, supplemental notice. This must be filed online before the current expiration date.
Comments: We respectfully request an extension for 2013-ASW-4893-OE because: 1. The project has already started with site clearing and excavation going on for months and building structure is scheduled to begin construction on June 1st, 2015. 2. The design of building structure, including location coordinates and height has not changed or deviated from original application. Thank you.