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Construction Type New
Owner of Structure: Rhode Partners
Construction Location / Height
Latitude: 30° 16' 03.97" N
Longitude: 97° 45' 03.33" W
Horizontal Datum: NAD 83
Site Elevation (SE): 469 (nearest foot)
Structure Height (AGL): 689 (nearest foot)
Site Elevation Determined By: Actual Pre-Built Survey
Address 2:
City: Austin
State: TX
Construction Notifications
Construction Start Date:
Estimated End Date:
Greatest Height Reached Date: 05/26/2018
Abandon Date:
Dismantled Date:
M&L Change Date:
Extension Request Date:
Antenna Requiring FCC License
ASR Number:
FCC Permit Applied Date:
FCC Permit Issued Date
Marking and Lighting
Marking and Lighting: Red lights
Estimated Date ADLS will be installed:  
Estimated Date ADLS will be operational:  
Date ADLS enabled:  
Date ADLS discontinued:  
Latest Supplemental Case Note
Latest Supplemental Case Note: