5G FAQs (latest revision 08/19/2022)

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1. What additional information is required for submitting 5G frequency notice of proposed construction?

Additional information is no longer required to be submitted with your filing. The Agency and telecommunications industry are refining models for evaluating effect of 5G transmissions. As this cooperative process matures, we anticipate greater flexibility for 5G deployments, so long as equipment is installed and operated as specified in the associated process. As part of the OE process, FAA’s Spectrum Engineering is comparing the aeronautical study information with what has been coordinated between the telecommunication industry and Flight Standards, Aircraft Certification.

For any technical questions contact FAA Spectrum Engineering, mailbox, 9-AJW-5G-RadAlt-Compatibility@faa.gov.

2. Where’s my determination?

This is a period of historically high number of construction notices for a great number of reasons. We are processing them as quickly as we can, but recognize the backlog has resulted in taking more time to get to any particular study. Each is worked in order of receipt, though the complexity of some require additional time to complete. We appreciate your patience.

3. Is the FAA processing 5G C band studies?

Yes. Notices that include 3.7 through 3.98 GHz are being processed. Regardless of frequency and power levels submitted, the determination will require the equipment to be only operated within parameters established by the FAA 5G C band compatibility evaluation process, as agreed to by the Wireless Providers.

4. What is the FAA 5G C band compatibility evaluation process?

The Agency, in cooperation with the Wireless Providers with licenses to operate, developed a process to define operating parameters consistent with aviation safety. They are collaborating with the Agency on modeling and simulation methods to set acceptable parameters in areas critical to aviation. Under this process, the Wireless Providers submit information on new sites on a reoccurring basis and agree to operate within parameters established by the analysis. As the methodology is refined, the parameters in critical areas have been and will continue to be adjusted. The Wireless Providers agreed to only operate equipment consistent with the parameters identified in the 5G C band compatibility evaluation process.

5. As agreed upon parameters change, do I need to provide another new/revised notice under 14 CFR Part 77.

No. So long as the equipment is operated within the parameters agreed to by the Wireless Provides, through the 5G C band compatibility evaluation process, a new notice to the Agency for those parameter changes is not required.

6. What are the parameters for my site?

Please contact the Wireless Provider holding the license for the agreed upon parameters for your site.

7. What if I filed notice before parameters are agreed to?

If you have filed notice before the wireless provider has worked with the FAA on that particular site, you may still receive a determination that requires operation within the parameters agreed upon by the Agency and Wireless Provider. In this case, the determination for the structure is valid. However, to remain valid, the equipment must not be energized until such time as the Agency and Wireless Provider have established the operating parameters and must only be operated within those parameters.

8. Where can I get additional information on 5G and aviation safety?